4 Rules to Obey When Selecting Product Launch Giveaways

promotional-gifts-from-giftsmart-singaporeWhen planning for a new product launch event, it is paramount to come up with ways of reaching out to the target market. You can enhance the success of the product launch event by offering giveaways and freebies.

Here are four rules that you should adhere to when selecting product launch giveaways.

Use Giveaways that Resonate with the Product

Use freebies that are related to the product that you are launching or promoting. Doing so will motivate clients who are yet to decide if they should purchase the new product to place an order. The gift could be a miniature version of the main product. For instance, a company that manufactures music gadgets can use a mini speaker as a giveaway when launching a new advanced set of speakers. You could also give clients a freebie that will enable them to enjoy the product more if they choose to buy it.

Don’t Gamble with Branding

The brand name and logo are some of the main details that are incorporated on corporate gifts. That tactic can help generate more sales, but when launching a new product, you should consider going against the grind and giving the freebies a look or design that links them with the new product. In the past branded mouse mats have helped gaming company to promote new computer and video games. Promotional gifts whose shape is similar to the product itself such as a bespoke coaster or USB stick can help promote the new product even better.

Finally, make sure that the product resonates with the style and tone of the event. Use a high-end gift for a very formal event and colorful, festive giveaways for a laidback product launch event. A luxury menswear store can use branded cufflinks as freebies in such occasions.


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