4 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Right Corporate Gift for Everyone

gift-ideas-from-giftsmart-singaporeGift shopping is a daunting task to most corporates due to the many factors that have to be put into consideration. Today, we look at four tips that will guarantee you find the right corporate or novelty gift for everyone on your list.

Tip 1: Focus on Creating an Experience

The whole idea of gifting is to show not only gratitude but to create an unforgettable experience. If the human resource manager is a big fan of Les Mis but already purchased the book and the movie, buy her a ticket to watch the show.

Tip 2: Consider the Past

Maybe some of the people on your list recently graduated from college or experienced something that means the world to them. Use this festive season to revive their memories by purchasing a novelty gift that resonates with their past experiences. However, be careful not to resurface bad experiences, as that would spoil the whole gifting process.

Tip 3: Make it Personal

Customizing the gift to suit the preferences of the client or colleague may at times not be enough to show your inner feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Therefore, go an extra mile and make it personal in a different way by personalizing it based on your perspective and judgment. For example, knit a scarf, write a song, or make piece of art to create ultra-personalized client gifts that they will cherish forever.

Tip 4: Be Charitable

If someone on your list recently took part in a charitable event, support that worthy charity by donating to it instead of giving the gifts to the colleague directly. Are some of your clients passionate about providing clothing and food to the needy in the developing countries? Donate to charity organizations that address this issue. There are hundreds if not thousands of charities that can benefit from your generous acts hence find one that resonates with one if not all the persons on your list will be a problem.

Concisely, finding the right corporate gifts does not have to be a backbreaking task. You just need to be witty and not afraid to go against the grind.

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