7 Weird and Interesting Gifts That Will Make You Stand Out


Customized gifts can work wonders for your business but what if your competitors use the same tactic. When it comes to marketing, branding and advertising, businesses need to think out of the box ideas to stand out from the crowd. You need to take your promotional campaign one step further and choose unusual yet useful gifts for your customers to get their attention. Following are some weird, funny and interesting promotional gifts that can help you grab your customers’ interest.

Body Tape Measure

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(from aliexpress .com)

If you business, products and services are even remotely related to health and fitness industry then body tape measure would be a great gift for your customers. With this weird promotional item, people would be able to measure their biceps and waist whenever they want. Some types of body tape measure come with BMI scale too; this kind of items would appeal fitness conscious people and exercise enthusiasts. You can go to the extra mile and print some funny comments on the tape to give it a unique look.


unique gifting ideas that comes back to you

(from kissthekangeroo .com)

Boomerang could be a thousand year old weapon of Australian natives yet it is popular all over the globe. Although adults do not them for hunting purposes yet kids use boomerang for fun activities. That’s why it is a suitable gift for younger audience. Of course you can personalise the gift in any way you want. However, do not print everything on it and avoid making it look like an ad of your products.

Foldable Travel Cup

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(from Alibaba .com)

Foldable Travel Cups are quite popular among travelers who want to carry as less luggage as possible. These cups are also known as collapsible travel cups and when folded, their size reduces significantly. Another variation of these cups comes with pill holder too.

Customised Soap

cool gifts made of soap

(from Etsy .com)

Customized soaps could be a game changer for your brand because everyone needs soaps and you can customize them in any way you want. For example, you can customize the shape, texture, color and write your business name on one side and brand logo on the other.

Video Recording Pen

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(from Amazon .com)

Electronics gadgets are quite popular as promotional gifts yet video recording pens are specifically popular among younger generation. Audio and video recording pens have many purposes and this unusual product can help you stand out from the crowd and distinguish your business from your competitors.

Water Powered Clocks

energy friendly gifts for business and friends

(from howscienceworks .com)

Earlier, solar power clocks and other gadgets were popular but now everyone has at least one solar power gadgets. And the latest invention is water powered clock. These clocks use chemical and water inside them to generate enough power to run the clock. Such promotional gift items are suitable for tech savvy audience.

Customised Balloons

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(from Aliexpress .com)

Unlike many other promotional items, balloons have very short life but they are also super cheap. Customized balloons with your business name and logo printed on them could be the best gift for your young target audience.



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