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Giftsmart – Gift Smart.

As the name implies, sourcing for corporate gifts should not be on a whim, a marketing budget item that has be expensed off, and certainly not the act of simply choosing an item you feel you would like for yourself. The last instance is the way most people choose presents for friends and loved ones, by the way. Its a firm no-no in choosing the perfect gift for your clients or partners.

Unlike most gifts and premium suppliers in Singapore who are only interested in acting like a trader, we at Giftsmart truly believe that we bear the heavy responsibility of building corporate relationships. Gifting should not be taken lightly. In fact we pride ourselves in being a consultant who will guide and hand-hold you to find that ideal corporate gift that says it all.

At Giftsmart we firmly believe in GIFTING THE SMART WAY.

It means taking into account of the following:

  • How does the gift item represent your industry? If you are in paper products you certainly won’t want to be giving away personalized gifts like cigarette lighters.
  • Does the gift bring out your values or mission statement well? For example if you take pride in being seen as a thought leader, you would use a unique gift with a “Wow!” factor instead of an also-ran ballpoint pen gift set.
  • Is the gift meant to be a short term flash-in-the-pan memorabilia or is it meant to sit and stare at your customer to make sure your brandsticks? Both have their advantages so you would do well to know if its a short term marketing campaign or long term loyalty programme.
  • Is the whole gift purchase exercise cost-effective? You do not want to look “cheap”, neither do you want to overspend and find that you have neglected your other marketing concerns.
  • Does the gifts shop staff take the trouble to find out more about you, your customer and your marketing objectives? If you ask us – this is pretty basic don’t you think? Unfortunately the vast majority of sellers do not even bother.

At Giftsmart we know these issues well for we have been serving hundreds of customers like you since 2009. We specialise in gifts for MNCs, SMEsand Government-linked companies.

People come to us because we have a lot experience dealing with gifts, premiums, novelties and giveaways for customers big and small.

They trust us because we always have their objectives and budgets in mind when proposing some gift-giving ideas instead of always pushing the latest, the shiniest and the most expensive items.

They like us because we always strive ceaselessly to fulfill any stringent demand for samples and suggestions even with tight constraints.

Come have a chat with us. Tell us what you need. We guarantee that in the end you will be 100% satisfied and you will call us to let us know that your loyalty and branding campaign was a complete and utter success.

Give yourself the first and best gift of all: call us at +65 6274 8171 or email us at support@giftsmart.com.sg today!

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