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Business gift giving has become an effective business strategy for last couple of years. PrintCity is a well known printing services provider in Singapore and we are specialized in customized corporate gifts via our subsidiary business Giftsmart. Whether you are giving business gifts to your existing customers for their loyalty or giving promotional gifts to new customers, there are few things you should know about corporate gift giving and how you can maximize the benefits of this effort.

Business gifts are also given to employees for their hard work and dedication but usually the term “corporate gift” is used for gifts which are given without any obligation or precondition. The alternative is incentives which are given to new customers in return of some kind of action they take; for example, you can give gifts to your employees for meeting their sales quota, you can give gifts to potential customers for attending your event or for subscribing.

However, it doesn’t mean corporate gifts come with without any clear benefit. If done the right way and with the right recipients, corporate gift giving could prove itself a cost efficient marketing strategy to connect with the target audience on a deeper level. Following are few things you should consider while using business gift giving as a marketing strategy.


Be Culturally Appropriate

Being culturally appropriate is specifically important for businesses with international clients and customer base. Also, Singapore has become a global hub for last couple of years and there are people from different nationalities and ethnic groups living in Singapore. While selecting business gifts for your customers, consider their culture and what would be appropriate. It is highly recommended to give globally accepted gifts but if you are thinking something out of the box then ensure it is suitable for your audience.


Make it Personal

As mentioned above, the idea behind giving business gifts is to strengthen your business relationships with customers. And that’s why you should make it personal. It is not that hard to make an impression you desire; all you have to do is write a hand-written note and you are done.


Plan Ahead

Business gift giving is not like shopping where you can go out and buy a last minute gift. You need to plan it ahead; you need to understand your audience and most importantly you need to put some efforts in finding the best gift for your customers. If you are planning participation in a trade show or exhibition, arranging corporate gifts should be among your top priorities. Otherwise you would be desperate at the last minute and it would be impossible to get customized gifts for your customers.


Quality vs. Quantity

The short answer is that quality is more important than anything else and you need to understand the reason too. Although in every case but more specifically in case of trade events and exhibitions, you would be giving promotional gifts to potential customers. It means you would be putting the first impression of your brand. Now, do you want to lead with a low quality promotional gift? Do you think a low quality gift can make a good first impression and help you achieve your marketing goals? It is always better to choose a low priced gift of high quality as compared to a high priced gift of low quality.

Many people get confused about the information they should put on a corporate gift during the designing and printing phase. The business gift must be at its best and here are some recommendations we’ve learned in past couple of years in this niche.

  • Your business name and logo are the most important things and they should be an essential part of the corporate gift regardless of what it is. Whether it is a T-shirt, USB drive, satchel, phone cover or something else, it should have your business name and logo on it.
  • The second most important thing is your brand image. It is abroad concept that covers the colors your use, fonts, textures and every other thing associated with your brand.

Business gift giving is a fruitious strategy that only yields results when you do it the right way. Contact Giftsmart today and benefit from our years of experience in business gifts Singapore consulting service to make sure that you forge a long and prosperous relationship with your clients.





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