• Resourceful Ways of Using Freebies to your Advantage

    gifts-from-giftsmart-singaporeEveryone loves getting free corporate gifts after purchasing a product. Companies have mastered the art of using such freebies to foster healthy relationships with their clients as well as market their products. Today, we look at four resourceful ways you can use freebies to your advantage.

    Choose ....

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  • 4 Tips that Will Guarantee You Find the Right Corporate Gift for Everyone

    gift-ideas-from-giftsmart-singaporeGift shopping is a daunting task to most corporates due to the many factors that have to be put into consideration. Today, we look at four tips that will guarantee you find the right corporate or novelty gift for everyone on your list.

    Tip 1: Focus on Creating an Experience

    The whol....

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  • 4 Rules to Obey When Selecting Product Launch Giveaways

    promotional-gifts-from-giftsmart-singaporeWhen planning for a new product launch event, it is paramount to come up with ways of reaching out to the target market. You can enhance the success of the product launch event by offering giveaways and freebies. Here are four rules that you should adhere to when selecting pro....

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  • Ingredients of Awesome Promotional Gifts

    what to consider when budgeting for your business promotional gifts Corporate gifts have a potent ability to delight prospects by showing them that you care and treasure their business. If offered well, promotional gifts can make your business memorable and lure the recipient to purchase your....

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  • 2 Excellent Business Thank You Gift Ideas

    Don’t take it for granted that a particular client decided to walk into your store or place an order through your website. The chances are that there is a ton of other businesses that he/she would have opted for but the clients choose to shop on your site or store. A thank you corporate gift can help show that you appreciate the fact that they purchased your product or used your service. Here are two excellent business thank you gift ideas that you can use to improve your engagement and rel....

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  • How to Use Tissue Packs for Business Advertisement

    tissue advertising singapore Corporate gift giving has become an integral part of marketing campaigns and companies try to find more effective and cost efficient promoti....

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  • 4 Reasons Why you should Use Social Media As Your Customer Service Portal

    apart from corporate gifts use social media to reach out     Social media has been widely used by business owners and marketers to attract new customers. However, smart business people and marketers focus on Read More

  • How Trade Shows Can Help Your Business Grow

    join a singapore trade show to get more exposure Exhibitions, trade shows and other similar events can help businesses in reaching out to their target audience and improve their brand image. Businesses use these events to advertise their p....

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  • Weird Promotional Items You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

    Promotional items can help you advertise your products and brand in a cheaper way than many other marketing methods. This is not a new marketing tactic but businesses have been doing this for decades. In Asia Pacific, promotional item marketing has become a billion dollar industry and thousands of suppliers provide customized promotional items to businesses in Singapore. As almost every business in Singapore is using promotional items for marketing, you need to step up your game by choosing uniq....

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  • Use Gift Cards and Other Corporate Gifts In Brand Development

    Gift giving is an old trend; historians have found evidence of ancient tribal leaders giving gifts to other tribes. In everyday life, we give gifts to our friends and family to strengthen our relationships and to be empathetic. Although corporate gift giving looks like a business move (and it is) but the purpose of gift giving in personal life and in corporate....

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