Resourceful Ways of Using Freebies to your Advantage

gifts-from-giftsmart-singaporeEveryone loves getting free corporate gifts after purchasing a product. Companies have mastered the art of using such freebies to foster healthy relationships with their clients as well as market their products. Today, we look at four resourceful ways you can use freebies to your advantage.

Choose Freebies that are Worth Buying

When planning to distribute freebies through your digital marketing website or blog, it is important to make sure that you choose items that are worth buying. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this is by giving them the same degree of care, as you would give any of the products listed on your catalog. Doing so will ensure that give valuable freebies to the recipients.

Use it to Promote Other Products

This tactic has proven to be useful for companies in different industries. Anyone who opts in your emailing list to get a free corporate gift is most likely going to purchase your products. Reward them for trying out your freebie by offering a discount on the product. For online digital marketers, you can set this up by creating a designated thank you page with a downlink for the freebie. Alternatively, you can offer coupon code through the thank you page to motivate the clients to purchase the product.

Use Them to Build Links

Many digital marketing experts have managed to get links from blogs and websites by using freebies. You too can join this elite group by being proactive about getting links from site owners and authority bloggers. One way of achieving this objective is by writing guest posts and including a link to the freebie you are offering in the article body or author bio.

Finally, the more exposure the freebies get online, the more efficient it will be in selling products to existing and new customers. You can also use them to build an email list for your email marketing campaigns.

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