Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gift Giving in Singapore

business gift giving in singapore


Gift giving is an ancient trend that has now penetrated the corporate world. Businesses use this tactic in many different ways for many different purposes. For example, promotional gifts are given to prospective customers in events like exhibitions, trade shows and others to spread out the message and loyalty gifts are given to existing and long term customers as well as to hard working employees as a token of appreciation.

However, you should follow the guideline to maximize the positive impact of your gifts. Following are some do’s and don’ts of corporate gift giving in Singapore.

The Gift Should Be Practical

A gift would be of no use if it is not practical. You need to understand the needs of your target audience and select the gifts accordingly. Although promotional gifts usually belong to general category yet they must be somehow relevant to your industry and business. Selecting a practical gift has two major advantages; first of all, being practical means the receiver would use it for a longer time period. Second, it would send a message that you know your audience and care for them.

It Shouldn’t Be Cultural or Religious

Businesses don’t operate on cultural and religious basis that means their target customers would be diversified. There is no way you can give gifts culturally or religiously associated with a single group. Also, the population of Singapore is diversified and you should select appropriate gifts that don’t concern the religious or cultural association of the receiver. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to research a bit about gifts that are considered inappropriate in some cultures.

Price Doesn’t Matter

Contrary to popular belief, the price of the promotional gift or a corporate gift in Singapore does not matter. Generally people who receive them don’t weigh those gifts in term of price but instead in term of value. A high value gift is better than low value one regardless of the price. Usually “value” refers to the practicality of that item, how it can make things easier for the user and how the user can benefit from it.

Always Opt For Quality

Most of the businesses in Singapore set a fixed budget for gift giving and later they face the dilemma of either choosing few high quality gifts or many low quality gifts. This quality vs. quantity battle can frustrate you yet it is the quality that matters the most. You shouldn’t waste money on hundreds of gifts that would fail to make a positive impact. Instead you should opt for lesser number of high quality gifts that leave a positive impression on the potential customers.

Personalize Your Gifts

In events like trade shows and exhibitions, give customized promotional gifts to your potential customers. Some promotional items might allow you to personalize them via shape or specification while some might offer limited customization where you would be able to select color, texture, and logo and business name. Customized gifts help businesses market their brand in cost efficient manner.

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