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Contrary to popular belief, corporate gift giving is an art where you need to take every step perfectly to get the desired results. It’s not like you can give anything as a gift and earn customers’ loyalty. Usually the term “corporate gifts” refers to businesses giving freebies to their clients as a reward or giving freebies as promotional gifts to their potential customers.

As Singapore’s top corporate gifts wholesaler we would like to share a few things that we have learned in this industry that can help you ensure your corporate gift giving strategies work like a charm.


Customers Are Discerning So Quality Is Key

Never compromise on the quality as it is the most important factor; most of the times, especially in trade shows and exhibitions, your promotional gifts actually represent your brand and the business itself. Giving low quality gifts means you are not only wasting your investment but also ruining your brand image. Interestingly, it is preferable to give relevant corporate gifts but it is not super necessary.

As corporate gifts wholesaler, we always advise our clients to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. It is preferable to give low priced gifts with high quality than giving high priced gifts with low quality. For example, if you want to choose between T-shirt and a jacket but you are under a budget and only go with a basic jacket then it is better to go with a high quality T-shirt.

In other words, regardless of the price of a promotional gift or a corporate gift, it must be useful and valuable in terms of practicality. As per above example, the chances of someone wearing a high quality T-shirt is more than someone wearing an entry level jacket.


Get A Gift That Makes You Stand Out

Another basic concept that businesses need to understand and accept here is that they need to stand out from the crowd to have a meaningful impact on the target audience. Of course the corporate gift you have chosen for your customers is useful, but is it different or better than other similar items available in the market or even given by other clients?


Make Your Gift Truly Special And Unique

You need to be creative and that’s where Giftsmart personalising corporate gift services come in handy. The corporate gift should be “corporate” but it must have a personalized touch so customers can feel the message behind that gift. Creativity does not have a limit and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things. After all, we all want to make a positive impact and what’s the better way than doing it with creativity.

Quality and creativity are important, and practicality is also essential. A beautiful designed and created vase or plate might look lovely but most of the time such decoration pieces are not used by people properly. And finally, either people throw them away, forget them at all of give it to someone else.


 Make Sure Your Gift Is Appropriate

Not all of the corporate gifts need packaging but if yours do, make sure the packaging is beautiful and impressive. It’s all about focusing on the details and making a perfect first impression on your target audience. If you are in an international trade show or exhibition, then cultural differences could be annoying.

For example, you might end up giving corporate gifts which are not appropriate in that culture or not welcomed at all. This way, you would be destroying the brand image you haven’t even built yet. The optimal solution to resolve this issue is by doing your research beforehand.

Many businesses, especially those who are new to this marketing and branding tactic, ask that is it worth the investment. The short version is “yes”. The detailed version, it depends on your end goals and how you execute these strategies. Giving expensive gifts to new customers or potential customers is pointless and waste of resources – so does giving inexpensive and invaluable gifts to your loyal customers.


Being A Wholesaler We Do Have An MOQ

“What is the MOQ?” This is also a pretty common question that might be in your mind right now. It is quite difficult to let you know the Minimum Order Quantity without knowing the intended item. The MOQ varies item to item so please contact us and ask for a quote.



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