How to Give Corporate Gifts In Singapore Considering its Culture

Corporate gift giving is at least a century old trend and with the passage of time, businesses have improved it to maximize its efficacy. Companies give gifts for many reasons and in case you are wondering, promotional items also come under gift category. Businesses give promotional items (usually cheaper ones) to their target audience during events like trade show or exhibitions. They give gifts to their long term clients as a token of appreciation and sometimes employees are also rewarded with gifts because of their good performance.


gift giving in the singapore context taking into account its culture


Unlike other two categories, promotional gifts have the purpose of advertising the business to target audience. Businesses choose (and they should choose) corporate gifts carefully based on the cultural values and preferences of their audience. For example, in Japan tissue paper marketing is very popular and soon it would become a billion dollar industry. The idea behind this particular type of marketing is to print ads on tissue packets and hand out these packets for free outside subways and bus stations.

Considering the climate of Singapore, this marketing is getting popularity there too. This is just one example and there are hundreds of other promotional items that companies use for marketing. Regardless of the particular item (or multiple items) they select, businesses must consider few things while selecting a corporate gift for their target audience. First of all, it must be cost efficient unless you don’t mid spending thousands of dollars on fewer items.

The corporate gift must be customized; for example, it must have business name and its logo printed on it. There is no point in giving a promotional item without business name printed on it. Another thing that experts agree on is the quality of promotional item. It is better to give a low price yet high quality promotional gift rather than a high price and low quality item. Subconsciously people associate the quality of that item with your brand.

Now, we know those promotional items have nothing to do with your business, products and services but interestingly, you can use the same tactic in your favor by giving relevant gifts to your customers. For example, if you have a technology or electronics related business then giving electronics gifts would be a good item. Some other popular choices are stationery items and similar things with longer shelf life and overall life span.

Gifts with practicality factor are usually more popular and successful in achieving their objectives. If the promotional item you are handing out is of no use to the receiver, he would simply throw it out; after all they got it for free. On the other hand, a practical gift would be used by the receiver on a regular basis and every time he uses it, he would read the name of your business. Businesses prefer cost efficient gifts and this is a reasonable decision; however, the price of a gift is not as important as its value. Whether it costs $2 or $20, the receiver would get it for free; make sure it has practical use.

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