Weird Promotional Items You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Promotional items can help you advertise your products and brand in a cheaper way than many other marketing methods. This is not a new marketing tactic but businesses have been doing this for decades. In Asia Pacific, promotional item marketing has become a billion dollar industry and thousands of suppliers provide customized promotional items to businesses in Singapore. As almost every business in Singapore is using promotional items for marketing, you need to step up your game by choosing unique gifts that can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Interestingly, sometimes “unique” means “weird” and here we are with a list of some weird promotional items you probably haven’t heard of. Being weird doesn’t mean they can’t attract target audience but they have more efficacy than generic gifts. Let’s take a look.

Customized Tissue Packs

The trend of giving tissue packs as promotional item started in Japan and now it is all over the world. Considering the climate of Singapore, tissue pack would be a good gift for all kind of people. The cost efficiency and practicality of tissue packs make them a popular promotional gift for businesses.


unique promotional gifts such as balloons in singapore

We recommend businesses to choose reliable promotional gifts with longer shelf life and longer overall life span but we can make an exception for balloons because they are very cheap and you can get customized ones on a short notice. Based on their size, balloons offer a much larger advertising space than most of the other customized promotional gifts; for example, you can print your brand name and logo in a bigger size. As you can anticipate, balloons are quite popular among young audience and businesses can advertise their brand to kids and their parents in cost efficient manner.

One of our acquaintances who manufactures high chairs participated in a trade show few weeks ago and they were the only one in that show to hand out balloons to kids. Not to mention their sales skyrocketed in next couple of days because of that ingenious marketing tactic.

Water Powered Table Clocks

Water powered table clocks now have the same status solar powered gadgets have few decades ago. Now everyone knew solar power but very few people have witnessed any electronic gadget running with water. The exact mechanism of these clocks is a long story and these cheap electronic gadgets can easily amaze anyone. Everyone can use a table clock especially if it is run by water. Considering the size of a typical table clock, this promotional item might not offer lots of room for customization but it would attract people who love gadgets.

Customized Coffee Mugs and Travel Cups

Coffee mugs and travel cups are popular among people from all age groups. In Singapore, people carry collapsible travel cups and you can use this item as corporate gift in trade shows or exhibitions. Coffee mugs and travel cups have long shelf life as well as overall life span and the receiver would see your brand name and logo at least once in a day.


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