What Is Suitable As Gifts For Singaporean SMEs

what to give a singapore company boss


You probably already know that corporate gift giving is an effective brand development tactic yet many businesses fail to grasp the idea of understanding their target audience before selecting a promotional gift for the Singaporean Small-and-Mediim Enterprise (SME). The idea behind gift giving is to develop a deeper and stronger connection with your existing or prospective customers and these connections can help you in brand development and marketing.

There are many factors that make a particular item a more suitable corporate gift than others; for example, gender, age group, your products and many other things. Being a global hub, Singapore is home of people from different ethnic groups and nations. That means you need to consider the cultural values too while selecting a gift. Following are some suitable corporate gifts for Singaporean SME customers.

Customized Pens

Customized pens are not only commonly used in Singapore but they are one of the top choices of businesses when it comes to promotional gifts. There are many reasons why they are so popular; first of all, customized pens are very cheap especially when ordered in bulk. Unlike many other corporate gift items, you can use pens in-house too. Pens have longer shelf life, overall lifespan and usually people lend pens to their friends and colleagues that means free advertisement for your business.

Customized Tote Bags and Backpack

People need tote bags everyday while doing grocery shopping and you can design your own tote bag with customized shape, color, texture and other design elements. Although this item does not have a longer lifespan as compared to others in this list but they are multi-purpose and also super cheap. For example, you can give the purchased products in a customized tote bag during a trade show, exhibition or some other event. Backpacks are also pretty popular because of their usefulness and customization. You can print your brand logo, business name and even slogan on them for marketing purposes.

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives, as well as other tech gadgets are suitable for younger generation. Based on your specifications, USB drives could be cost efficient considering their lifespan; tech gadgets can last for months. You can be a little creative and design an attractive shape. For example, if you have a mascot you can design USB drives in that shape. The same could be done with brand logo too. Such creative tactics can help you in brand development.

Wallets and Business Card Holders

Business card holders are not as common nowadays like they were few years ago but thousands of people in Singapore still use them in offices. Another alternative is wallets; it is pretty easy to design your own wallet with a unique shape and distinguish its design from others. A good quality wallet can last for years and other people would see your logo and brand name on it whenever that person would take it out in shops, restaurants and other places.

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