Why Should I Customise My Gifts To Clients

getting a customised gift for my client


Giftsmart has been working in this industry for years and we have seen many successful promotions and marketing campaigns carried out by customized gifts. Whoever came up with this brilliant idea was a pure genius and businesses all over the globe use this marketing tactic for cost efficient advertising and branding. Unfortunately, many businesses think of ‘corporate gift giving’ an expensive marketing technique that only big companies can use but that’s not the case.

The idea of customized gifts does not refer to intimidate your customers with expensive gifts and “buy” their loyalty but instead the primary purpose is to give them something useful and practical that lasts long. This way, people would be using that item and unintentionally advertising your brand. However, businesses should understand that customized gifts are not similar to other marketing material like flyers and booklets, and you shouldn’t treat them like ads. People do not like being part of an advertisement.

The most suitable solution to deal with such issue is to decide what you should print on corporate gifts. According to our experience, only logo and business name should be part of a customized gift while all other kind of information is unnecessary and counterintuitive. One exception could be slogan or contact details but these things depend on the item itself.

Let’s see some most popular customized gifts that businesses give to their existing clients and to potential customers.


Business Card Holder and Wallet

Business card holders and wallets are welcomed by everyone and that’s why these items are quite common in trade shows, exhibitions and similar events. However, you need to stand out from the crowd to make a difference. If your business card holder or wallet has a boring and unattractive design then people would just throw it away or forget it in back of a drawer.

The best way to encourage people to use these items is to adopt beautiful designs with compatible colors. Make sure the item has your brand logo and business name on it. However, avoid slogans and contact details because it would ruin the aesthetic aspect.


Tote Bags and Satchels

Bags and satchels are pretty common gifts that businesses give to their existing and new customers. There are many reasons why these bags are popular; first of all, they are cost efficiently and do not cost a fortune. As compared to their price, bags last longer than many other popular gifts that means they can advertise for longer time period and their advertising cost would be lower in general.

Based on their size, bags are highly customizable; you can select their shape, size, color, texture, material and what you want to print on them. Usually tote bags and satchels are given to women and companies with female target audience select this customized item as promotional gifts.


Water Powered Clock

Water powered clock is just like a normal table clock except it is powered by water. People, who do not know the exact science behind this working clock, amaze by its mechanism. Unlike what it seems, water powered clocks are very cheap and you can customize it with your desired color, shape and business information.


USB Drives

Thanks to the technological advancements, USB drives as gifts are not as expensive as they used to be. Interestingly, their price gets significantly lower if you order in bulk. However, the price is not the only reason USB drives have become an effective corporate gift. Based on their quality (where you shouldn’t compromise at all), USB drives can last many years if used the right way; this is a huge advantage. Also, unlike many other items, people do not hesitate to give USB drives to other people and in many cases they do not bother to ask to return it.

This means a USB drive is more likely to be seen by more people than any other promotional gift of the same lifespan. Like many other tech gifts, USB drives could be customized in many ways; you can select their shape, size and technical specifications according to your needs, budget and target audience.



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